Good day, how are you today? Please take a seat poolside, you're Poolboy will be waiting for you...

Pleased to make your acquaintance,  let's get you comfortable... 

Would you like a cold fruit juice or champagne? Please feel free to lounge poolside in your suit or take it all off for a dip, this day is all about you!

Please ask me anything about myself, Im generally a very friendly and happy man who would like to know how I can help you... either for a short amount of time if you lead a busy life or something longer and more intimate. Ask about my boyfriend experience, our time together doesn't just have to be physical, maybe you'd like to take me out to dinner or see a show... we could go to the beach or travel interstate as a business companion, Im sure there are plenty of fun activities and events that I would love to join you for!

Qld law prohibits this profile from displaying certain things like prices and meeting more than one person at a time if you are a couple. So please email me with a bit about yourself, what you're looking for exactly and for how long you would like to spend with me. 

If you are really enjoying my company Im sure we can extend our time if Im not pre-booked already. Generally if you would like to make a booking the more notice is always better for meetings. I do admire and am flattered by people who want to meet as soon as possible, (also a huge turn on for me too) but in reality only pure luck would allow for our schedules to be perfectly alligned. There is another aspect to consider with making a spur of the moment decision involving your hard earned personal finance. I really might have to spell this out in business terms but I would strongly advise you to be honestly sure to yourself if this is an experience that you would like to have. I am a strong believer of business ethics and would only wish for your time to be exactly what you envisioned and paid for, after all it's my time too... I genuinely love meeting nice, happy, respectful people so... if you are not happy, then I am not happy!

I pride myself on having discretion in public, privacy is important. So important that Im willing to back that statement up with signed disclosure statements if required. If you'd like to know more about me, please say hi and hopefully we can arrange something to suit your needs soon. 

Please note that Im only into clean, safe and painless fun with adults over 18yrs old, if Im in doubt in any way I will ask for ID. Legally speaking, any money exchanged is for non-sexual companionship only, anything else we may do is between consenting adults.